Tactical Parenting: What you don’t give up.

I remember distinctly the feeling of losing my freedom. The weight of responsibility strangled me to the point of submission and I gave into the domination of a child over my schedule, desires… and everything. I watched my freedom go away. Freedom in the form of flexibility and independence. Getting married was painful – but

Tactical Parenting: Kids and Self-Control

If you have spent any time with children, you know you CAN’T teach anything you don’t believe enough to live out. If your child doesn’t see it as real in your life – they will never take your word for it. Things like lying, stealing, hurting people… many times these are easier to stay away

Tactical Parenting: Encouraging Passion

What do you want to do? As an adult, I answer the question “what do I need to do” a whole lot more than “what do you want to do?” It seems that as we age we also buy into the idea that our passion needs to take a backseat to our responsibility. That isn’t

Tactical Parenting: Kids are busy.

On Friday, my kids were with their mom. I had planned on them being with me – but lines were crossed and the change was made; no big deal. If you are a single parent you understand what this means. I had a Friday night with nothing planned. I thought, “This is great… a night

Tactical Parenting: Scripture.

Crying is something I thought was in my past, however, as I sit here wiping away tears I am convinced that my life will continue to have plenty of these moments in it. Some people can evaluate tears as “tears of Joy” or “tears of sorrow” and, admittedly, I have moments where it is really