In an effort to rebalance a little bit, I made a commitment to take a break from publishing anything I wrote. The original plan was for 30 days and then my life got so crazy I just decided to not focus on writing for a full year and let my life settle out. I have

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I recently purchased an Apple Watch – I know what you are thinking “I can’t believe you didn’t buy a Pebble!” Okay, no one is thinking that. It was really a convenience purchase. It started to become a hassle to pull my phone out of my pocket for things like: Checking the time, viewing and

Love the Stones.

I have the pleasure of writing a bit for LifeWay. Generally speaking, when I write for them I don’t get the opportunity to share what I have written with anyone. Sometimes they publish it under my name, sometimes no credit is given and sometimes credit is given – just not to me. That might seem

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Some books you read twice because they are so good. You finish your first read and you just know that in a year’s time you will return to further understand the wise words that are beginning to shape your life. Some books you read twice – back to back! I am blessed to work with

I trip less when the lights are on.

Take a minute and read John 1:1-18 you can simply click this link: https://www.bible.com/bible/72/jhn.1.hcsb The opening prologue of John’s Gospel is quite possibly the best and most beautiful identification of who Jesus is. Unlike the other gospels there are no pregnant adolescent girls, over zealous shepherds or wandering kings. John hit all the major descriptions

I am divorced.

I am divorced. Those aren’t words I thought I would ever say. In fact, in an effort to never say them I took some steps to insure success: Step 1: Pray for my future spouse. Starting in 6th grade I began praying for my future spouse. I even had a list of things I thought