The Essential Systems

Schedules help you put everything in control, and systems help you to automate that process to make sure you don’t slip away from the schedule. Although these two things (scheduling and systems) are tightly intertwined they are a little different when it comes to the process to set them up. I said in the post

Tactical Parenting: Schedule!

If there isn’t a schedule, then the kids are in charge. Time management is the one thing that can cause a single parent to sink or swim. It seems simple enough to manage your time – I mean hey, you do it at work just fine? Most single parents run into time management problems when

Single Parenting Insanity!

It has been two and a half years of doing this on my own, and I look back and try to figure out how I ever made it work those first few months. It takes time to figure it out. It never really gets easier – but single parents just get smarter and stronger. Parenting

Jesus’s Man

Man of God  by Charles Stanley / “Jesus’s Man” To read part one of this click here.  ///  You can pick up the book here. We have been looking at the “Man of God” by Charles Stanley. I hope you have picked up a copy of this by now. I have tried to pull out the BOLD message

Man of Velvet

Man of God  by Charles Stanley / “The Man of Velvet” To read part one of this click here.  ///  You can pick up the book here.  Man of Steel seems like something we can all get behind. The Man of Steel is a superhero and crime stopper and everyone loves him. Strong and confident,

Man of Steel

Man of God  by Charles Stanley / “The Man of Steel” First of all – I want to encourage you to pick up this book. Although I am going to be sharing over the next 3 posts the valuable information in it that impacted me, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of the wisdom contained