Remarkable Kids: Family Friday!

Remarkable Kids. To change things up a little I am planning on posting something more personal that focuses on my family specifically on Fridays. Family Friday! —- One of the things that I am most proud of right now is my son. Andrew is 5 years old and he is KILLING IT! Andrew started Kindergarten

No Way Out!

No Way Out! Family, ugh. (I was going to leave the post at this – but since my audience consists mostly of my family I thought that would be dangerous for my readership numbers.) Continuing my mini-series on relationships I want to again focus on God creating the first eternal relationships. The idea of mankind

For Man’s Benefit

A few years ago I wrote a book about how God intended for relationships to work. I based everything around the idea that we were created for relationship – first with God and second with each other. Actually, I went on to argue that relationship with each other is a byproduct of our original purpose


Generally speaking, people have to tell me things multiple times. I have a horrible memory. Long-term and short-term – it doesn’t matter. I have a theory why my memory is so bad: maybe I never “knew” the thing I was supposed to remember? I don’t want this to be true – but I don’t think

Where am I looking for acceptance?

Looking back on my Jr. High and High School years I can rattle off the names of girls who consumed my thoughts. I wanted to be accepted by these girls and for them to validate me as worthy. I was sometimes successful and other times I failed miserably – but no matter the outcome it