I have spent a number of years involved in ministry working full time for churches, traveling with a worship band, and speaking for camps and retreats. I still do a small amount of writing for ministries but most of my work is now in event management. I take care of things such as live event advertising, strategic partnering and customer experience. When I have free time I build things, it has become a bit of an addiction.

One thing I love to write about is family and parenting.  I have two beautiful children (Andrew & Bristol). Watching them interact with life, and God’s love, drives most of my thoughts and ideas. I am convinced that during this season of life there is no better work than parenting well and being the dad God has called me to be. There are a lot of struggles with being a single dad, but there is a lot of hope in Christ to offset it.

I hope to have the opportunity to interact with your life and family in a positive way. I would love to hear about your journey as well.

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